Our Accountability

All employees and members of Support Girl child Foundation Board and Society have a responsibility to be good stewards of the resources which are entrusted to us. An independent Board exercises overall governance leadership, managing risks and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. The management of Support Girl Child Foundation India pursues the highest of standards through independent internal audit, statutory audit by a reputed audit firm, external audit by local external auditors, operations audits, mid-term evaluations, robust design-based monitoring and periodic peer reviews.

Through regular submission of reports and filing of returns and accounts with the Income Tax Department, the Ministry of Home Affairs in compliance with the Income Tax Act and the other regulations, we reinforce our responsibility to the government.

Our partnership approach in working with community-based organisations ensures we are accountable, committed and responsive to children and their communities. It has always been Support Girl Child Foundation India's endeavour to convey a public image conforming to reality, and always to speak and act honestly. God helping us, we intend continually to pursue excellence beyond compliance in all aspects of our work - governance, management, operations and administration.

Our Funding

Child sponsors provide the majority of the funds raised by Support Girl Child Foundation.

Through child sponsorship, supporters pledge a monthly amount to help vulnerable children, their families and communities. Child sponsorship helps children get access to clean drinking water, sanitation, education, skills for future livelihood, nutrition and health care and participate in an age-appropriate development processes. It also helps communities to build a better future through empowerment, education, income generation and self-sufficiency. Through this journey, sponsors play a meaningful part in the child’s life and can keep in touch through letters, reports and personal visits.

Support Girl Child Foundation India’s programmes also access resources through Grants from foundations and bi-lateral agencies. Many of our programmes addressing specific issues are supported through Corporate engagements and funding.

Our Measuring Impact

We design each programme to measure specific indicators to track our progress toward child well-being. We look at how each community is doing in relation to other communities and the rest of the country.

Our programmes undergo regular evaluation, which helps us analyse the impact of our work, make informed decisions, and even change course if necessary.

All along the way, we share our results with the community and community stakeholders so that they can be aware of what change is being reported, and can validate it through qualitative interviews and focus group discussions.

Surprise audits and periodic internal audits based on the risk assessment are conducted to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal controls. Every project unit is also subjected to external audits by local chartered accountants.

Support Girl Child Foundation India’s performance on its country strategy is regularly monitored and reported on to the Board, twice a year, to the general public through the Annual Review and to sponsors and donors through annual newsletters.

Things we have Done

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