Frequently Asked Questions

Support Girl Child Foundation India seeks to ensure the sustained well-being of all children living in poverty. Well-being for children is measured in terms of access to basic health care and appropriate education, children feeling protected and cared for and having opportunities to participate. While we measure the impact of our work in terms of the child, the investments are also into families and communities.

Child Sponsorship is the commitment you, as a sponsor, make to partner with the child, the child's family, the child's community and Support Girl Child Foundation India to ensure that the vulnerable child experiences sustained well-being, even after Support Girl Child Foundation India completes its work in the area. It is a relationship not just between you and your sponsored child but also with your sponsored child's family and community. This relationship is aimed at giving a better life to the child by equipping the whole family and the community as well. Child Sponsorship is a way you can help make India a better and safer nation for our children.

Yes. Child Sponsorship is the best expression of one's power to help build a nation fit for children. When you sponsor one child, you also invest in building a family and community. To create environments where children thrive, development programmes are planned and implemented in partnership with the communities that we serve. The most vulnerable children are chosen to be a part of the Child Sponsorship programme by their community. Your sponsorship then contributes to ensuring that children are better educated, healthier and protected. Your contribution also helps invest in healthcare, agriculture, income generation, access to drinking water and other development programmes, depending on what the community needs most. In our experience around the world, investing in children, their families and their communities has proved to be the best way to impact sustained progress in the life of a child. As a child sponsor, you can see for yourself the lasting change that you are helping create in the child's life and the impact your support has in her/his community.

Support Girl Child Foundation India aims to promote lasting well-being of all children in the communities we serve. Our aim is to benefit and encourage every person in the child's community to become a strong and productive member, thus moving the whole community towards self-reliance. Your support will provide a child with opportunities to access basic health care, quality education, good health, sanitation, access to clean drinking water, income generation programmes for their parents and much more. This gives a chance for children to experience a normal, healthy and happy childhood.

The process of selection of children for sponsorship, in the communities where we work, is done by the Village Development or Panchayat. This committee decides (facilitated by Support Girl Child Foundation India) according to the local situation and need, since they know best. We also do a wealth-ranking exercise before we take children into our programme. Once we finalise the children, we look out for sponsors to support the children. Children are taken into our sponsorship programme with proper consent from their families. Also with the understanding that all the children and families in the community will share the benefits across the community.

Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you wish to. There are many children waiting for sponsorship.

Yes. You are most welcome to visit the child you sponsor and meet the whole family. A visit means you can also see how much Support Girl Child Foundation India has been able to accomplish with your sponsorship support. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful for you as well as your sponsored child. Ideally, it would be good if you wait for a period of six months and establish a rapport with the child you sponsor before planning a visit. Please send a written request to our email id at DONATE@SUPPORTGIRLCHILD.COM at least 10 days in advance. We will be glad to organise a visit on any weekday avoiding weekends and National Holidays. We request all our child sponsors to go through our Child Protection Policy before visiting the child. Please remember not to geo tag the location when you visit your sponsored child.

Support Girl Child Foundation India recognises there are many ways of helping children. While a significant number of children in need live in institutions, vast majority of children in poverty in India struggle along with their parents and communities. Our experience over the years suggests that children in need, living with their families and communities, can experience well-being of life by carefully designed investment into their families and communities. Your sponsorship is the way to collaborate with the child's family to give the child a new day and an opportunity to experience lasting change. Support Girl Child Foundation India assists children living with parents because such assistance enables them to remain as a family unit. In many families, either the father or the mother is dead or has disabilities or one of the parents has abandoned the family. In other instances, the parents are very poor and the income is too little for survival. Therefore, Support Girl Child Foundation India helps keep the family together and the children have one or both parents with whom they can share their love.

You can sponsor a child as a long-term commitment, up to 10 years or more. You can sponsor the same child for as long as the project continues or as long as the child remains in the sponsorship programme (often well into their teens). Once the development project meets its objectives, it is time to celebrate the many achievements - healthier children and better living conditions, educational programmes that work and a community with greater confidence for a more positive future. On occasion, there may be a change in the circumstances of either your sponsored child or you, which may reduce the period of sponsorship.

Not really. Normally, school-going children are sponsored. However, you are free to request for a younger child. If there are specific requests from the sponsors, we try our best to comply with their wishes.

When you become a sponsor, you will receive a kit containing a photo along with the personal details of the child and his or her family and also information about the community where he/she lives. Within a couple of months’ time, you will receive a letter from your sponsored child, we call this the introductory letter. You can also respond to this letter and establish a good rapport with your sponsored child. A year later, you will receive your sponsored child's annual progress report, which will have an update on the overall development of your sponsored child and community. The community newsletter and a greeting card will also be sent to you during the year. The child will also write back to you if you write to him or her.

if there are orphaned children or children with disabilities within a community, you can sponsor them if you wish to.

Extra gift money for the children's education, medical needs and special days such as birthdays or project needs is always welcome. If the gift amount is too small, the administrative cost for sending the money is very high; therefore, we suggest that your gift money be a minimum of Rs. 500. You can include this amount along with your regular monthly sponsorship gift.

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